Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carny Party Videos - Texas Rice Festival 2012

What is your job as a carny? 

Casper, Wayne, Dallas, Maria and Jeff being interviewed by Tammie.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday - Carny Party

October 1, Monday night at the Texas Rice Festival. The carnival workers threw a party for the Texas Rice Festival volunteer team with chicken gumbo, beans & sausage, grilled bbq chicken, drinks, auction and raffle.

This is an unofficial blog with videos, pictures and written content by Tammie Nolte. Yes, so lots of pics of me because my mom is the 2012 President of the Texas Rice Festival. If you have additions, questions or comments about the content on this blog, please contact me

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Tammie with Texas Rice Festival President Marlene Nolte ready for "Roaring Twenties" Carny Party

Tammie and Barb

Tammie and the Rice Festival President

 Just Joshua

 Texas Rice Festival Officers at the Carny Party
 Marlene Nolte and Peanut Gilfillan
 Bartender and Carny Gangsters.
Chasing bubbles in a flapper dress. 

Marlene Nolte and Sissy Leger, Texas Rice Festival First Vice President 

Rice Festival Team a little later in the evening

 Julius and Tammie
 Julius and Tammie
Left to Right: Julius, Gangster with orange gun,
Marlene Nolte Texas Rice Festival President and Jack Blast the Carnival Boss
 Tammie and Rick
 Jack Blast, Carnival Boss
Julius and Texas Rice Festival Entertainment Manager Chad Andrus